What is backbeat/offbeat?

Elder Gene R. Cook made the following comment in regard to the standard for music in his own home. “We determined to maintain our family music standard of Church music, classical music, or other good general music, but no light or hard rock or anything like unto it.” (Gene R. Cook, Raising Up a […]

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Music: The Forgotten Language of the Heart

James F. Stoddard III

I believe that every feeling, every emotion that can be felt by man, can be expressed through music. Can it be that while we have been immersed in this medium, we have been seduced and distracted to forget its power for good or evil?

My story with music begins when I […]

Resources for Film/Movies

Growing up, our family never watched a movie without my parents pausing it all the way through to discuss the storyline, characters, underlying messages, etc. Based on my own experience in the film industry, I can promise that every split second is carefully crafted for HOURS to influence the viewer to feel and think […]

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Our Philosophy on Movies

James F. Stoddard III

Often when entertainment, specifically movies, are discussed in a Christian setting several phrases are used:

  • There is nothing bad in it! The issue is not whether there is anything bad in it, but rather whether there is anything good in it. The words “it is not enough to be good, we must be […]
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